Thank you so much...these final two videos made me very emotional! For a first timer your advice has been invaluable...thank you!

Weekly Countdown Videos

Dynamic, Interactive and there to support runners every week of their preparations, our Weekly Countdowns form the backbone of the support we provide to runners.

With new "video" versions released for the 2021 London Marathon, these weekly resources are what we believe to be the most comprehensive and interactive forms of marathon training advice available to Charity Runners.

Starting 16 weeks before Race Day, the Weekly Countdowns offer week specific guidance, advising runners what they should be doing in training, what they should be eating and what injury prevention exercise they should consider doing at each stage of training.

With direct links through to the Video Library, the Weekly Countdown's  offer unprecedented levels of support to runners of all abilities, helping to give them peace of mind that their training is on track.

Following the popularity of the marathon versions, we are thrilled to announce that we will be producing Half Marathon Versions for this space.

Just a few of the features in the Weekly Countdowns include:

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