Mobile Friendly in 49 seconds

When we first decided to upgrade our Running Hub and Video Library, the first thing we figured we should do was create an App to make it super easy to access and view on mobiles and tablets.

So off we went to a developer  - and hit the floor when the quote came in at over £20,000. Errrmm. No thanks.

So we went back to the drawing board and it didn't it take long before we realised a far easier and cheaper solution was right in front us.

As the GH Training Hubs and Video Library have been developed using a highly versatile interface, it means turning them into a "Web App" is as easy as watching the 49 second video above.

The process is almost identical on iPhone or Android mobile devices, so check out the video and get the Hub on your smart phone in less than a minute.

On your marks, get set...GO!!!!!

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