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Running, Cycling & Trekking Hubs

If there's one thing we learnt through the Covid-19 pandemic, it's the importance of our health and wellbeing.

Despite many Charity events being forced to postpone, thousands of people still committed themselves to virtual events. This not only helped to raise money for good causes, but also kept us active and in control of our physical and mental health.

As we (hopefully) leave the pandemic behind us and Charity Events bounce back, the UK finds itself with the wonderful hangover of thousands of new and seasoned runners, cyclists and trekkers, all desperate to sign up for a physical "mass participation" challenge. 

As specialists in Endurance sports, GH Training are thrilled to be able to offer UK Charities a range of Training Hubs, to help their runners, cyclists and trekkers prepare for every aspect of their event.

Our Industry leading Running, Cycling and Trekking Hubs are fully brandable for each individual Charity and feature an evolving range of interactive training resources to meet the needs of every participant - whatever their level of fitness.

Each Hub Features:

FREE Access for Runners, Cyclists & Trekkers 

Access to the Running, Cycling or Trekking Hubs is free to anyone who takes part in an Event for any of the following Charitable Organisations:

Once you sign up for an event, your Charity will provide you with a unique login code and hey presto - you will have full access to the GH Training Hub(s) and everything they have to offer. Run, Trek or Ride in as many events as you like and use the videos, tutorials and guides to your hearts content to help you from your first step to your last.

Plus, with so many of the above Charities also using GH Training for Virtual and "In Person" Marathon Training Days, there's a good chance we'll meet in person and I'll be available to answer all the questions you have about preparing for your Event.

More Information

If you'd like to know more about our Training Hubs, either click on the Hub you're interested in below, or email to arrange a Zoom / MS Team meeting for details on subscription costs and more detailed information.

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