Thank you so much...these final two videos made me very emotional! For a first timer your advice has been invaluable...thank you!

Weekly Countdown Videos

Training Plans are great.

They give you a 12 or 16 week training timetable, telling you how far and fast you should be running every week. 

You can even print it out and stick it on your fridge.

All good stuff - but being a piece of A4 paper, they're not what you'd call engaging or inspiring are they?

We like to do things differently, which is why we have modernised the traditional "Training Plan" and made it a bit more funky.

Our Weekly Countdowns are Engaging, Dynamic, Interactive and keep runners company throughout their preparations, effectively "holding their hand' from from start to finish.

So how do they work?

Simple really.

Starting 16 weeks before the day of your Marathon (12 weeks before a half marathon), you will receive a "week specific" video, with guidance on what you should be doing that week.

So instead of a piece of the A4 paper on your fridge telling you to run X miles - our weekly videos will engage you and give you dynamic training, nutrition and injury prevention advice.

You'll receive the first video 16 weeks before Race Day and the last one the night before your event - with our top "Race Day" Tips.

With direct links through to the GH Training Video Library, the Weekly Countdowns offer unprecedented levels of support to runners of all abilities, helping to give you peace of mind that training is on track and you're doing everything right.

UPDATE: From Mid October 2022, all Weekly Countdown videos will be automated and pushed through directly to your smartphone. Week specific training, nutrition and injury prevention advice falling onto your lap every week. 

We hope you think that's pretty awesome!

Want Access?

Our Weekly Countdowns are exclusively available to subscribing Charities and their runners.

If you'd like more information on how you can gain access, please email 

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