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"WhatsApp" Marathon Support

With many Charities now filling their marathon places earlier than ever, it can be difficult to know how (and when) to best engage with their new team of runners.

With our new "WhatsApp" marathon support service, Events Teams will have access to dozens of messages and videos on a range of topics to send on to their runners to help them prepare for their event.

Suitable for all marathons and half marathons, Charities can use these messages & videos however they like and in a way that fits in with their stewardship.

✅ - Topics include injury prevention, nutrition, training, foam rolling, FAQs.

✅ - Events Teams decide how frequently they send messages to their runners.

✅ - Can be used in WhatsApp Groups or Channels

These messages & videos are the perfect compliment to the GH Training App where runners can access further information, videos and training support.

Free to all Subscribing Charities

All Charities who subscribe to the GH Training App & Hub will receive these messages / videos free of charge* and as part of their subscription.

If your Organisation does yet subscribe and you'd like more information on how GH Training can help you and your runners prepare for major (and minor) events, please get in touch -

* Terms and Conditions apply

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