Death by Abdominal training

Are you over doing your abs?

Sit-ups are without doubt the most overrated exercise in the gym. That’s not to say that they are not important, it’s just that they are over-used by the majority of gym goers.

Keeping the abdominal muscles strong is essential to help prevent back pain and help maintain core stability, but performing 10 different types of sit-ups, most of which look as if they are adapted from the Karma Sutra is a waste of time.

Varying all types of exercise is certainly encouraged by most personal trainers and abdominal exercises are no exceptions - but trying out sit ups that are overly complex and difficult to perform correctly is often more of a hindrance to your routine.

Three of the Best

The maximum number of abdominal exercises I generally give to my clients per session rarely exceeds 3 or 4 basic movements.

By ensuring that every exercise is performed slowly and correctly, the abdominals can be worked intensely in a simple fluid movement without the client worrying where their arms and legs should be.

Changing the type of abdominal exercises you perform every few weeks or so however is a great idea and positively encouraged.

By changing this set of abdominal exercises for 3 or 4 new ones, it not only keeps your interest up but it also works the stomach slightly differently and stimulates adaption and gains in core strength.

So, avoid following everyone else’s example at the gym and looking like an amateur contortionist and chose a few abdominal exercises to do for 2-3 weeks, then change them.

If you’re unsure which abdominal exercises are best for you, ask a fitness professional for 3 simple stomach exercises every few weeks. Ensure you perform each one slowly and as instructed and soon you’ll have abs you’ve always dreamed of - nutrition depending of course.

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