Rediscover your mojo

Rediscover your mojo

Regardless of how long you have been running for, at some time or other you will go through periods of loss of drive and the desire to train, so do not worry and think you are alone.It’s so common for an injury to spark a loss of mojo after a week or so off training, which in turn means you lose momentum in your training and you find it difficult to get back to the level of fitness you were at before injury struck.

Losing the desire to train can be a really frustrating “mental block” and can strike when you least expect it. Even if the weather conditions are glorious, you’re injury free and you feel in good shape, a loss of desire to train can be incredibly annoying, especially if you’re training for a specific event.

There are several ways to get over a loss of mojo, depending on the underlying (subconscious) cause for the loss of training desire, so try any of the following and see which method works for you.

Get some new kit

Without doubt, one the most superficial of ways to get through a training lull, but often a quick way of fixing it, is to treat yourself to some new running kit.

The smell of a new pair of running shoes and the feel of the new seasons running kit is sometimes all it needs to get those running juices flowing again and help you rediscover your love of running.

You needn’t spend alot, but just get something new that you can slip on and wear out on a “rediscovery run” to help find that missing mojo.

If you have the cash, then splashing out on a brand new matching top and pair of trousers can make a huge difference to how you feel. Everyone is familiar with the term “power dressing” and have experienced how much more confident they feel when dressed in a smart suit / shirt - so why need the principle be any different when it comes to running kit?

If you really want to treat yourself, head over to the Brooks Running website for a fantastic range of great looking and great quality apparel and shoes.

Go out and Run Happy

Run Happy!

If you are in training for a specific race and have lost your mojo, then put your training plan away for a week or so and run on “feel.”

Strict training plans which dictate how far to run and at what pace, may well be effective, but they can have a “suffocating” effect on some people which can lead to a lack of training desire.So, put the plan away and Run Happy. Slip on your running shoes, hit play on your favourite running playlist and head out for run for a distance and at a pace that YOU want to run at.

Soak up the air, take in the surroundings and enjoy the pure escapism that running can give you.

By running free and without the constraints of a training plan, you’ll find that you’ll Run Happy and pick up your mojo en route. Running is there to be enjoyed and when you enjoy it, you’ll find those endorphins will flood your blood stream with mojo and you’ll be back in the game.

Change is as good as a rest

All runners, myself included, are guilty of running the same route at the same pace at the same time of day for weeks on end.

Although it’s not the biggest running sin you can commit, when it comes to rediscovering your mojo, it is an aspect of your training you must address.

They say that a change is as good as a rest and although the “rest” you’ll receive by changing your training routine will not be a physical one, mentally it will give you a new lease of life.

By changing the route you usually run, the pace you run at or the company you keep whilst running albeit for just a week or two, you’ll find that you’ll rediscover a new dimension to running and the change can be both uplifting and refreshing.

So, even if you have to drive to a different location for a few sessions, map out a brand new route and explore new surroundings – where your mojo will no doubt be waiting for you.

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